Are you one of the stewards in EFECW assembly 2018?

A lifelong, intercultural experience for young European women (between the ages of 18-30). The Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women will hold its 10th General Assembly from 7-12 August 2018. The theme is If you remain silent at this time...Christian Women Speak Out. 


The work of the stewards is an opportunity for young women to gain experience of a large ecumenical gathering, with the intercultural opportunities it provides.


The work of the stewards is also essential to the General Assembly in terms of its organisation and administration. Being a steward is hard work – it can be tiring, intense and challenging. However, it also provides the opportunity to encounter women from across Europe as they discuss issues relevant to them, their communities and their churches, and make significant decisions in relation to the future of the forum.


Stewards must be:

  • Between the ages of 18-30;
  • Willing to work long hours;
  • Able to speak English and preferably one other forum language (French, German)
  • Willing to work as a team;
  • Background/active interest in ecumenism
  • Eager to contribute to, learn from, and share in intercultural experiences;

Application process

1. Applicants should send the completed Stewards Programme Application Form by email to 

2. Applications must be received by 31 October 2017 


Suomen Ekumeeninen Neuvosto / Ekumeniska Rådet i Finland       Eteläranta 8 / Södra kajen 8            PL / PB 210          00131 Helsinki / Helsingfors

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