Invitation to the CCME Advocacy Training on EU law on asylum & migration

Athens 26th to 29th September 2023 & Brussels early 2024

Venue: SYNYPARXIS Tzortz 5 str., 10682 Athens (5th floor) Accommodation: Areos hotel, Mpoumpoulinas 19, Athina 106 82

Dear members and friends of CCME,

With this letter I'd like to invite you to nominate participants for the CCME advocacy training to be held in Athens/Greece 26-29 Sept 2023 in cooperation with our Greek member SYNYPARXIS of the Church of Greece.

Asylum and migration are an area in which European law, in particular EU law, has over the last 2 decades gained massively in importance, even for countries which are not member of the EU. Adopting and implementing an acquis on asylum and migration has since the entry into force of the Amsterdam treaty in 1999 been one of the most important policy areas of harmonising law across Europe. The existing framework laws and the jurisprudence of the courts referring to these laws have shaped and continue to shape reality on the ground. Yet, the processes of law making on asylum in the EU are often unknown to those later dealing with their impact (asylum seekers/refugees themselves, civil society organisations, churches, lawyers ….); opportunities to influence such policy are even less know. CCME therefore aims at training and empowering its members and partners to understand better the content of EU legislation on asylum and migration, the processes of legislation and how to influence future law-making in particularly on safe passage.

 The event consists of two sessions: one of 3 days in September 2023 in Athens in cooperation with CCME member SYNYPARXIS with the more general and theoretical foundations, 1 ½ days in early 2024 in Brussels in which participants try their theoretical knowledge in practice in the heart of EU policy making.

Please find a draft agenda attached.

Practicalities: Participants are expected to be in downtown Athens by 26th September 14.00 and to depart on 29th after 14.00 h. There is a registration fee of 150 € which covers all meals and accommodation between 26th and 29th. In justified cases a reduction of the fee and travel subsidy can be negotiated.

Please contact about this. Please to participate.  Please wait for confirmation before buying a ticket.

A group booking has been made for the hotel, so there is no need for you to book a room – unless you want to arrive early or stay extra days. page 2 As participants are asked to work on a specific piece of EU law in their individual advocacy exercise, please in the form indicate at least two pieces of EU asylum or migration law which are of particular importance for you. I look forward to receiving your registrations

Dr Torsten Moritz
General Secretary
Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe

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